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The Julie Says So TOP 10 MOVIES OF 2017

I’m writing a TOP 10 MOVIES OF 2017 list, even though I suspect no one will ever read it. Honestly, I think I make “Best Of” lists just so I can look back at them years later and say, “Oh yeah…I forgot about that one.”
Or maybe now, “Oh yeah…that was back before So-n-So got busted for showing his business to coworkers and had to stop making movies.”
Let’s hope that no one on this current list will end up on that future one.

10. I smiled uncontrollably throughout an early screening of The Greatest Showman. My kids, who are even bigger movie-cynics than I am, gushed nonstop about it when we left. Then we read everyone else’s horrible reviews of The Greatest Showman and felt like we’d been collectively kicked in the guts. I still don’t get how anyone could dislike this movie. Sure, it’s a little cheesy but aren’t all musicals to an extent? Screw the (other) critics. The Greatest Showman is still my #10.

9. I was verbally abused by a 65-year-old troll for my positive Thor: Ragnarok review. See, I thought the movie was about as fun as a middle-school tickle-fight with your big-brother’s best friend. “Bob,” on the other hand, said only a psychopath would like it. Suck it “Bob” because Thor: Ragnarok is my #9.

8. You know that loud hiccup sound you make when you’re crying really hard? The one that’s embarrassing because it means you’re this close to completely losing it? I had about five of those at the end of Coco. That movie didn’t get me in the feels as much as it grabbed my feels and ripped them completely out of wherever-feels-live. In a good way though, which is why Coco is my #8.

7. I really struggled with my Top 10 placement of Wonder Woman. I loved the movie and definitely wanted to include it, but I also felt kind of guilty for not putting it higher on the list. I REALLY felt bad for putting other superhero movies ahead of it, too. I still think that Patty Jenkins did an incredible job and that Gal Gadot’s performance is iconic, so Wonder Woman is my #7.

6. This is not a perfect movie, by any stretch. In fact, I liked Star Wars: The Last Jedi more the second time I watched it. I caught so much more that time around that I wanted to immediately sit down and watch it again. Plus, I’m so grateful that my daughters have someone like Rey to be their Rebel Warrior, which is why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is my #6.

5. I feel like Greta Gerwig took a peek into my life before she started writing Lady Bird. There is so much truth lovingly woven into every line and shot of this movie. Lady Bird speaks to me as a mother, as a daughter, and as a girl who still hasn’t figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. I wish so badly that I could watch Lady Bird with my Mom, but she’d probably just roll her eyes and say, “COME ON! I never gave you THAT much hell!”

4. You’ve probably noticed, by now, a surprising lack of Oscar or Golden Globe-nominated movies on this list. The truth is that I simply prefer movies I can share with my kids. To me, there’s nothing better than looking at my two favorite chicks in the world and see that they love a movie just as much as I do. Sometimes they love it even more, which is why Spider-Man: Homecoming is my #4. My oldest even has her own Tom Holland Fan Page now.

3. I just watched Logan again with my 13-year-old, even though I decided back in February that it was too violent for kids. It IS too violent, but so packed with joyful heartbreak and reverence for it’s seminal characters that I had to share it with her anyhow and, as expected, we both loved it deeply. Logan is also the perfect exit for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, which is why it’s my #3.

2. There are few films in recent memory that have meant as much to me as It. I was properly ruined by the book in 1986, then equally disappointed by the TV series that followed. I didn’t expect Director Andy Muschietti to live up to the horrible images I’d built in my mind, much less go beyond that and craft characters I loved even more. People debated whether It was scary enough or true to the original, but it was far better than anything I ever expected. That’s why It is my #2 film of 2017.

1. I have watched Get Out more than any other movie that came out in 2017. I actually went to Movie Trading Company and BOUGHT Get Out when it came out on DVD. I am a film critic who does not pay for movies, so the PURCHASE of one is kind of a big deal for me. Get Out is so smart, so well written, so surprisingly scary and yet still so fun to watch that it simply doesn’t get old. I suspect we’ll be watching it 50 years from now, and still struggling to explain why people just can’t get along with each other. Furthermore, I can’t wait to see what Writer/Director Jordan Peele has in store for us NEXT! That’s why my #1 Movie of 2017, and STILL my favorite movie to re-watch, is Get Out.

You can find most of these movies still in theaters or on the shelves of your favorite DVD stores (except It, which hasn’t been released yet dang it). Check them all out when you get a chance. I can always help you out with MOVIE REVIEWS and FREE MOVIE PASSES, so you never have to pay for a bad movie again. And remember to check the Julie Says So MOVIE MINUTE each week so you know exactly what you’re getting into!
Have fun and see you at the movies in 2018!

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