The “Julie Says So” Top 8 Movies to See RIGHT NOW

Don’t you hate it when you finally get to the theater but end up wasting money on some lousy flick that wasn’t worth the hours spent watching it? NEVER AGAIN my friend, all thanks to the Julie Says So Top 8 Movies to See RIGHT NOW! There’s eight of them, so surely you can find one in there that’ll make you happy.

8. Don’t take your kids to see Sausage Party. Yes, it’s animated but if you DO they will be introduced to some of the filthiest and most creative profanity ever. On that same note, don’t take your mother-in-law, or Pastor, or Granny…unless she’s a cool Granny. You know that Uncle who still gets dirty magazines in the mail? Take him to see Sausage Party.
(WARNING: This trailer is NSFW!)

7. If you’ve ever watched, laughed at or actually joined an Improv Comedy Troupe, then you need to see Don’t Think Twice. It’s about a Second City-type group that keeps losing top performers to a Saturday Night Live-type show. But what if you were that ONE guy they kept skipping over? Don’t Think Twice is also for anyone who had to watch a co-worker get rich and famous. Hurts, doesn’t it?

6. Are you still mad at Bryce Dallas Howard for running through Jurassic World in her high heels? Well, she’s such a Nature Girl in Pete’s Dragon that you’ll probably forgive her. Yes, this is based on the weird, old animated show but they got rid of Pete’s creepy parents and improved on EVERYTHING else, especially Elliot the Dragon. Pete’s Dragon was made with kids in mind, but it’s also for anyone who’d appreciate an old-school MAGIC IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE-kind of story.

5. Is there a Meryl Streep BACKLASH happening? I’ve talked to multiple people who DON’T want to see Florence Foster Jenkins because they’re tired of watching Streep act surprised about her Oscar nominations. It’s a pretty strange response to good work, if you ask me, but Meryl Streep isn’t the only good thing about Florence Foster Jenkins. In fact, I was more blown away by Hugh Grant’s turn as her charming-but-dodgy husband and ESPECIALLY by Simon Helberg’s performance as her pianist. Look, Florence Foster Jenkins is just a great movie with great actors, so release the hate and go see it.

4. Why should you see the movie Don’t Breathe? Well, instead of giving you a summary and telling you about actors you’ve never heard of, why don’t you just watch the trailer below? If you can get through THAT without wanting to see Don’t Breathe, then I simply don’t understand you.

3. It was about 15 minutes into Hell or High Water when I realized I was completely, deeply, and HOPELESSLY in love with every single character on the screen. It’s a modern day Western where men rob banks to save their land and Jeff Bridges plays the Texas Ranger who tracks them. Hell or High Water will ring especially true to those of us who’ve spent time in those dying West Texas towns shown onscreen. Man, just watching this trailer makes we want to see it AGAIN!

2. Look, Kubo and the Two Strings won’t be in theaters forever and it was MADE for the big screen. The stop-motion animation that Laika Studios used to film it was designed with 3D in mind. It takes an already gorgeous movie to a whole new level and one that probably won’t be appreciated in your living room. Spend the extra cash for Dolby Cinema too if you can, because it definitely adds to the Kubo and the Two Strings experience.

1. I love a movie that tells a great story, but does it quickly and without unnecessary embellishments. Sully is the epitome of getting-to-the-point, thanks to Director Clint Eastwood’s no-nonsense style and Tom Hanks’ understated performance as Captain Chesley Sullenberger. Yes, you know how this story ends but you probably don’t know what happened behind the scenes of the Miracle on the Hudson. Sully is a wonderful portrait of everyday heroism because the PILOT certainly wasn’t the only hero that day.

I hope this list helps you find the PERFECT MOVIE, but remember to check back next week. Bridget Jones’s Baby, Snowden, and a new Blair Witch movie are ALL opening September 16th, and I’m hoping to add at least one of them to the list. And remember, with my help you’ll never EVER have to spend another dollar on a BAD MOVIE!

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