The “Julie Says So” Top 8 Movies to See RIGHT NOW

August is usually a rotten month for movies. It’s essentially a dumping ground for studios to unload their not-so-hot flicks right between the Summer Blockbusters and Oscar Season. That’s why I’m SHOCKED by all the fantastic films we have to choose from right now. If you DON’T normally go to the theater, you should change that now and I’ve made a handy list for you. Here are my Top 8 Movies to See RIGHT NOW:

8. See Star Trek Beyond because it’s an awesome 50th anniversary tribute to the franchise, but also because it’s dedicated to Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin. If you need more convincing, just read THIS “Rolling Stone” review by Peter Travers, then watch the Dubsmash compilation by the cast below. Holy crap, it’s cute!

7. If you are easily offended IN ANY WAY, you should probably avoid Sausage Party. It’s about grocery store items that find out what happens to them once they leave the store, and they’re not happy. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg helped write Sausage Party, which should give you an idea of how filthy it is. It’s been called immature, sophomoric and it’s been accused of pandering to the lowest common denominator. Sausage Party has also been called the funniest movie of the year. Still can’t decide? Then watch the Red Band trailer below. WARNING: Not Safe for Work, unless you work with a bunch of immature, sophomoric, lowest common denominators.

6. Don’t Think Twice is about an Improv Troupe in New York that finds out it’s losing its theater AND one of its top performers. It’s written and directed by Mike Birbiglia, who also stars as the troupe’s founding father and teacher, Miles. Don’t Think Twice is reminiscent of a Christopher Guest mockumentary, but without really making fun of it’s main characters. If you need more details, read my original review here. Oh, and bring tissues. Don’t Think Twice is funny as hell, but it goes for the heart at the end.

5. Fans of the original Pete’s Dragon should be warned that they essentially threw out the mold for this one. It’s an improvement though, and one that the kids will enjoy. Elliot the Dragon has been given a coat of fur which makes him even more lovable and you know Robert Redford’s in it too, right? If you need more convincing, read this review by Matt Zoller Seitz. He does a much better job of explaining why Pete’s Dragon is special and a film you (and your kids) shouldn’t miss.

4. Hell or High Water stars Chris Pine and Ben Foster as Texas brothers who are about to lose their land to foreclosure. They start robbing banks to make the money to save it, but end up on the radar of a Texas Ranger, played by Jeff Bridges. That sounds decent enough but Hell or High Water is so much greater than the sum of its parts. Take my word for it or read J. Olson’s review here. Either way, make sure you add Hell or High Water to your Movies I’ve GOTTA See list.

3. I can’t talk about Florence Foster Jenkins without using grand, old lady words like “charming” and “delightful,” but there’s a good reason for that. This true story of an heiress turned terrible opera singer manages to be poignant, funny and so downright precious you’ll want to fan yourself with a lacy handkerchief. Don’t think that Florence Foster Jenkins is just for your Granny and her friends, though. There’s just enough gin in this juice to make it enjoyable for everyone. Read Matt Brunson’s review here if you need more proof.

2. You probably won’t recognize any of the actors from Don’t Breathe and the familiar Predator-Becomes-the-Prey storyline might make it easy to dismiss, BUT DON’T. You should probably read my original review HERE to find out why. Or just watch the trailer below. Yeah, THAT should do it!

1. The animation world needs to come up with something pretty incredible to have a chance of besting Kubo and the Two Strings this year. This perfect combination of material and medium had me openly weeping, though it left my kids scratching their heads. You can read our review here, but my kids have since changed their tune and say they liked Kubo. I, on the other hand, LOVED it and think it’s one of the most gorgeous movies I’ve seen all year. In fact, I enjoyed Charlize Theron’s performance as Monkey as much as I liked her in Mad Max: Fury Road. Yes, and she plays a MONKEY. Just go see the movie and you’ll understand.

Hope this list helps and keeps you from wasting money on a movie you WON’T like. If you do see one of these films soon, please share your thoughts in the COMMENTS section. I’d love to hear your reviews, too!

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