The World’s Crappiest Radio Fan

One of the worst things about having a job as a radio personality is when you lose that job. Close friends and family tend to find out from each other, but the burden of filling in the rest of the world usually falls on you. This leads to some uncomfortable situations, but the good news is that it usually passes within a matter of months.
Unless you’re ME, that is.
See, I just ran into someone who thought I was still co-hosting a morning radio show that’s been defunct for 2.5 years.
I see this woman all the time. I don’t even recall how we became friendly, but she’s always quick with a hug and “Hello,” so it’s easy to like her. Our friendship has never gone beyond these pleasantries until recently, when we happened to be leaving a movie at the same time. We were waving our good-byes when she said, “I can’t wait to hear what you say about it on the radio tomorrow!”
Unfortunately, this was across a crowded hallway so a few people turned to see which “radio-personality” she was addressing. I suddenly felt like a fraud, like I had tricked this woman into thinking I was still on a full-time show, so I waved her over to me.
“Hey, I’m sorry but I actually haven’t been on that show for a few years now.”
“What? Really??? Omigod, what happened???”
I told this woman the sordid business of my dismissal and everything that led to it, which is something I usually won’t do without a hefty cocktail in-hand. I thought that would be enough, but she seemed almost angry.
“Well, are you looking for another show? What are you going to do???”
She asked that last question like circumstances were fresh and I hadn’t been mulling them for over 2 years.
“I’m good! I’m a Film Critic now and I do reviews for radio shows all over the country! I even have a website. OH, and I’m working for Good Morning Texas so seriously, I’M GOOD!
She seemed relieved but then asked apprehensively, “You’re on Good Morning Texas now? Like, EVERY DAY?”
No, I informed her. I’m on a few times a month.
That was all she could take, and my friend walked away in disappointment.
I haven’t felt bad about losing that job in honest-to-God YEARS, but I felt pretty crummy about it at that moment. Then I realized I was feeling rotten over what had to be The World’s Crappiest Radio Fan. After all, she couldn’t be tuning into “my show” that much if she didn’t even notice I wasn’t there!

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