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What to See BEFORE “Avengers: Endgame”

***I posted this blog last year, but thought you might need it again. The only addition is, of course, Avengers: Infinity War. Don’t even try watching Endgame before you see that one!***

One of the biggest superhero movies ever made is hitting theaters, but those who are new to the Marvel universe absolutely SHOULD NOT start with Avengers: Infinity War. This movie combines several stories that have been told onscreen for ten years now, starting with Iron Man in 2008. If you try to jump in with Avengers: Infinity War, you’ll not only be confused but you’ll also miss out on the chance to properly fall in love with these characters. If it’s possible, I highly encourage you to watch all of these movies, starting with the Iron Man series, then Thor, followed by the Captain America films. You’ll also need to work in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, the new Spider-Man, and Black Panther, but maybe you don’t have that kind of time. If you can only squeeze in a few films before the Marvel fan in your life FORCES you to see Infinity War, use this guide as your Cliff Notes.

1. You should start by watching the first Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America films, but if you can’t get to those, watch the first Avengers. This will introduce you to the main characters and give you a starter course on Thanos. It’s also surprisingly fun. Watch through the credits for bonus scenes and you’ll finally get those shawarma jokes.

2. Follow that one up with the first Guardians of the Galaxy. You’ll enjoy it just as much and you’ll meet a new crew from a totally different side of the Marvel universe.

3. You’ll need to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron next, even though it’s one of my least favorite Marvel films. Some important new characters are introduced though, who play a huge role in Infinity War. And don’t worry. A not-great Marvel movie is like OK pizza. It might not be great, but it’s still better than anything else you could eat.

4. You can follow that one with my favorite Marvel film to date, Captain America: Civil War. This one brings Ant-Man, Spider-Man and Black Panther into the fold, and we get to watch them all beat the snot out of each other. It also gives us our first glimpse of Black Panther’s home of Wakanda.

5. Thor: Ragnarok is important because it’s your chance to meet Dr. Strange without watching that particular movie, but it also takes us up to the minute where Infinity War picks up. Ragnarok is also one of the funniest Marvel films that’s been released so far, and Thor gets a haircut…which is hot.

6. If you have time, go see Black Panther as well. This one is important because it introduces characters who play a big role in Infinity War and because a huge chunk of that film takes place in Wakanda. Black Panther is phenomenal and recently beat Titanic as the third top-grossing film at the U.S. box-office of all time. So…yeah, you need to see it.

Those six films should properly prepare you for Avengers: Infinity War and for it’s follow-up, which will come out May 3rd of next year (Ha ha WRONG! It’s this weekend!). The Marvel movie-makers will keep cranking out films as long as they keep making money, so it’s a great time to get caught up. You don’t want to be left behind, trying to figure out what Vibranium is or why Thor and Loki just can’t get along. Hop on the bandwagon now and get ready for a fantastic cinematic ride!
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  1. T’Challa and Wakanda will be a major force in Infinity War. Here you get to know him and his people. Yes, this is still in theaters only, but the record-breaking film deserves your patronage.

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