Not sure what movie you want to rent this weekend? Well, you can’t just stand there and hog the Redbox all night, while we wait for you to make up your mind. Want a little help? I’ve listed my Top 5 Renters for this weekend, just to hurry you along.

SicarioHoly crap this is a good movie. It’s about a CIA Agent who is recruited into a government task force to fight drug lords. Emily Blunt AND Benicio Del Toro both deserved Oscar nominations for their roles in it but sadly, THAT didn’t happen. Pick this one up and then try not to bite your nails all the way through it.

The Visit– I kind of lost my mind when I saw The Visit. I laughed, I screamed, and I essentially made everyone else in the theater uncomfortable. Click HERE if you want to read my original review, or just pick it up and decide for yourself.

Vacation– Look, I’m not saying that Vacation is a great movie. It isn’t, but it has moments of being crazy funny (Here’s my old review). Fans of Chris Hemsworth should pick this one up just to see…well, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it.

The Walk– This one was such a crowd-pleaser, I’m surprised that it didn’t make a bigger splash at the box-office. It’s the true story of the man who crossed a tightrope strung between the twin towers. Honestly, it’s worth renting just to watch that part. The Walk is safe for kids too, but it might be too much for people who hate French accents.

Goosebumps– I had so much fun watching this one with my kids, even though Goosebumps isn’t that scary. My 11-year-old said it wasn’t scary enough, but the 8-year-old loved it. Lucy said she liked it even more than Frozen, which might be the highest review Goosebumps got anywhere.

Hope that helps and that your movie of choice hasn’t already been rented out. Now…would you please move out of the way so I can get my movies? It’s cold out here.

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