WHAT TO RENT THIS WEEKEND: The “Julie Says So” Top 5

It’s a great weekend to rent movies because a few that got serious love at the 2016 Oscars are now available. There are also some comedies for those of you who are sick of the heavy stuff but first, let’s start with one of the heaviest.

1. You think you don’t want to see Room, but you DO. Brie Larson won the Best Actress Oscar, but little Jacob Tremblay turned in an awesome performance as well. Tremblay joked that Sylvester Stallone stole the Best Supporting Actor nomination from him, and he might be right! Click here to read my original review and seriously, don’t be afraid to rent Room.

2. Ex Machina has actually been out for ages, but it’s getting renewed buzz thanks to a recent Oscar win. Alicia Vikander won Best Supporting Actress for The Danish Girl, but she was just as good in this one. Ex Machina is strange, sexy and even a little scary. Plus, it has Oscar Isaac and everybody knows I have the hots for that guy. Here’s the link to the Boozy Movies Podcast we did for this film, and forgive us for repeatedly mispronouncing the name.

3. You’re probably sick of all the heavy Oscar pictures by now, so it’s the perfect time to pop in The Night Before. This one came and went without barely making a splash around the holidays. I was surprised because, though it isn’t the GREATEST movie Seth Rogen ever made, The Night Before is still really funny. Here’s my original review and you should probably also get some beer or cheap wine when you pick this one up. It’ll help.

4. You’re going to think I’m crazy but I actually liked The Good Dinosaur a little more than Inside Out. I mean, I loved Inside Out but it was such an emotional roller-coaster. I felt like I’d gone through hours of painful therapy by the time I walked out of there. My kids didn’t love Inside Out as much as they loved The Good Dinosaur either, so it was an easier viewing experience for us all. Wait, I’m NOT saying The Good Dinosaur is better than Inside Out. Maybe you should just read my old review by clicking here.

5. I was on vacation when Straight Outta Compton came out, so I didn’t get to cover it. I saw it alone a few weeks later instead, during a Cry Baby Matinee. I can’t tell you how weird it was, sitting with a collection of moms and babies while NWA was having an onscreen orgy, but I still loved the movie. I really can’t believe Straight Outta Compton didn’t get a Best Picture nomination, but I guess we’re all tired of beating that dead horse. Instead, pick up Straight Outta Compton and try your hardest to watch it without crying babies in the room.

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