When to IGNORE Film Critics (Written by a Film Critic)

I should probably explain myself, before I get in trouble for that title.
Yes, there are plenty of times when you should consult your favorite Film Critic. If you are on the fence about a movie or can’t decide about taking your kid to see it, then YES! Definitely see what they have to say. You should also check with Film Critics to find out about the NEW movies you should watch for (Have you seen Get Out yet? What the HELL are you waiting for???).
You SHOULD NOT, however, let a Film Critic change your mind about seeing a movie you’re excited about.
Case in point: Beauty and the Beast.
Film Critics are conflicted on this one, and so is the general public. Some people (like me) think it’s a wonderful update that fans of the original will adore, while others feel it’s hollow and riddled with bad casting choices. They are all valid opinions, but you shouldn’t let them affect your decision to see the film and here’s why:
Everyone experiences a movie differently.
A good example is the first time I saw Bridesmaids, which I was DYING to see.
I was so disappointed when I walked out of the theater. I couldn’t believe that a movie written by smart, funny women like Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo would be filled with so many stupid stereotypes and sex jokes. The only character I actually liked was Melissa McCarthy’s “Megan,” but even she closed the movie with a fat joke (Sex with a giant sandwich? Come ON!). I think I gave Bridesmaids a C when it came out, so you can imagine my shock when everyone else LOVED IT.
The weird part is that I also loved Bridesmaids the SECOND time I saw it. Once I was able to shrug off my high expectations, I saw Bridesmaids as it was meant to be and not some comedic-feminist doctrine.
In other words, I changed my opinion.
This is why you should never let a Film Critic talk you out of seeing a movie you REALLY WANT to see. Sometimes we are tired, or grouchy, or simply have expectations that a film can’t live up to. And sometimes, we’re just wrong. After all, I did love Pixels the first time I saw it!

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